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Why You Should Use Blister Pack Packaging

The term blister pack packaging may not be familiar but you are already using it every time you pop a pill from its packet, or you take out the new batteries from the plastic cavity. Also called a bubble pack fabricated through vacuum molding, the term refers to the molded plastic packaging to display small goods or items. This is very useful in the medical field but it has countless other uses as well.

Advantages of Vacuum Molding

There are several benefits that can be derived from blister pack packaging. One of which is being child-proof. This can come in handy particularly for dangerous products in the hands of a toddler like medicines or batteries. A particularly security feature of a clamshell blister pack is the tamper-proof it provides. With two heated plastic sheets combined together, you need to scissors in order to open them.

With regards to medicines and food items, vacuum molding can extend their shelf life by taking all the air out of the cavity. Itís also very easy to label the packs using Pentel pen so you can monitor the schedule of dosage any day of the week.

For businesses, you can better manage your space and inventory. The blister pack packaging comes in neat little packs. You can then build cupboards or cabinets to store the products and because they are easy to dispense and come with the proper labels like the expiration date, you can keep track of your inventory.

Improving Your Branding

Working with a packaging company to customize a vacuum molding product can leverage on your branding campaign. The blister pack packaging comes with either a paperboard backing or aluminum lidding. You can emboss your company logo on the plastic packet or the paperboard. This is a much cheaper alternative compared to the other types of packaging and you donít compromise the quality of packaging, aesthetic wise.


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