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Vacuum Forming Plastic: A Cheaper Alternative Packaging in Canada

Vacuum forming plastic is a good alternative to packaging because the fabricator uses low-cost tools to create a mould as well as the raw materials itself. After all, plastic is inexpensive compared to fiberglass or sheet metal. The savings are then passed on the consumers. Most people don’t know it but they are already using products formed by vacuumed plastic like ATMs, kiosks or shells from hot tubs. In packaging Canada, high density polystyrene is heated before being shaped into whatever mould through force.

Perceived problems about the process

Some people have complained about the products from vacuum forming plastic but this is due to the manufacturer’s fault, more than anything else. Or the problem can be due to the fact that some people—since they saw videos on YouTube—are resorting to the DIY method. One of the most common issues is the bubbles inside the plastic because of moisture. This is relatively simple to address and it just takes a little bit of time for the drying process.

Then consumers have noticed a kind of web surrounding the mould of the vacuum forming plastic. This could be because the manufacturer used a mould that’s larger than the product or the parts of the mould being too close together and finally, too much heat applied on the plastic.

What if the product sticks to the mould? The manufacturer can prevent this from happening by allowing for an angle of at least 3 degrees.

Finding a professional

Clearly, the problem is not fundamental but rather procedural. Oftentimes, the simplest processes are the trickiest. You can avoid this by finding a company offering a service in packaging in Canada and specializing in vacuum forming plastic. You will find that in the hands of the professional, there’s no order that’s too complicated or too expensive.


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