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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Go for Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging has many applications especially for small scale businesses, which find this form of packaging simple and easy to implement for their businesses. The applications range from packing food to medication. But what makes this type of packing so popular especially with small businesses?

Cost Effective to Manufacturer

One of the key reasons is that this type of container is very cost effective. It is made through an equally simple and cost effective method. Vacuum formed plastics are made from a process that is so simple that some people do it at home using a mould and a vacuum cleaner. The process simply utilizes a vacuum suction mechanism to make shapes using a mold as the suction is applied between the mold and the plastic material.


The main advantages especially those that favor small businesses are mainly as a result of the manufacturing process that creates the pack. The Clamshell packaging process makes it easy to customize these packs and mold them into different shapes. It also makes it possible for the manufacturer to create small quantities of such packs and still break even.

Clamshell packaging can be molded into different forms at minimal costs making it possible to mold it into different shapes. The pack can be made to be stackable, meaning it will remain stable during transportation and prevent unnecessary damages. It can be molded into a design that can be hooked onto a wall for the purpose of displaying to customers in a store.

Suitable for Display and Marketing

It is also suitable for display because it can be molded into a pack that is thin and transparent. The pack can be made thin because the vacuum molding process removes bubbles and makes the plastic stronger even when thin.

Another advantage is that it can be used together with paper designs to make different types of packaging that can have many different useful applications. The use of paper is possible because of the thin but firm nature of vacuum formed plastics. They can be used to make blister packs that make medication easy to remove or pop out of the pack. The also make branding easy because you can combine paper and plastic to make appealing designs.


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